Pest Control Steps To Keep Bugs And Rodents Out Of Your Home

Posted on: 8 June 2018

Pest control services are needed throughout the year because different seasons bring a rise in different kinds of pests. Bugs thrive during the warmer months and rodents seek shelter in the colder months. The best way to control pests is to keep them out of your house with barrier protection and routine pest control measures. Here are some general pest control steps you can take to protect your home.

Monitor For Pest Problems

The annoying thing about pests is that they grow in number before you realize there's a problem. You can use monitoring techniques that let you know when bugs or rodents are in your home so you can take action before they multiply. This could involve the use of mouse and rat traps in your attic, ant traps and glue boards in your kitchen that trap bugs, and termite stations in your yard.

Have Your Home Sealed Against Entry

A pest control service may seal your home, especially in areas that are difficult for you to reach, such as around the roof. If you don't hire out the work done, then you'll want to do it yourself. Sealing the gaps in your home creates a major defense against all kinds of bugs and rodents. Of course, this requires plugging up even the tiniest of holes, which is one reason you may want to leave the job to a professional so it is done right.

Use Preventative Pesticides

A pest control service applies pesticides at each visit to kill bugs in your home and to put down chemicals that work to kill bugs that wander into your home days or weeks later. Other treatments may work to repel the pests. By having the treatments applied on a regular schedule, your home is always ready to fend off a bug infestation.

Apply Additional Treatments When Needed

Routine pest control visits keep many bugs such as roaches, spiders, and ants under control, but you may need additional treatments for specific types of infestations. For instance, you may want your yard treated in the spring and summer for ticks and mosquitoes. A bed bug infestation will probably require special treatments too. When you see bugs in your home, be sure to let your pest control professional know so your treatments can be adjusted to eradicate them quickly.

While there are many home remedies for pest control that you can find, most aren't nearly as effective as professional treatments. You can incorporate them into your pest control regimen, but you probably don't want to rely on them completely or the bugs might multiply. Your pest control company uses pesticides that are safe around your family and pets and applies them safely, so you don't have to worry about using professional treatments in your home. Contact a service, like Bobby Grisson's Pest Management, to get started.