Bugs Destroying Your Garden? Try These 5 Natural Pest Control Methods

Posted on: 6 May 2015

Have you just about given up on gardening because bugs keep invading your yard? You're in luck. You don't have to give up on your dream of having a bug-free garden. There are plenty of natural ways to fight bugs. In fact, you can keep bugs away by adding bug-repelling plants to your garden. Here's a list of plants that will stop bugs in their tracks.

Believe in Basil

If you love growing tomatoes, but you hate dealing with the hornworms, add basil to your garden. Growing basil in your garden will keep hornworms and flies off your tomatoes. You'll also have the added benefit of enjoying fresh basil when you cook. Don't want to grow basil? Just sprinkle a bit of dry basil around your tomato plants. You'll get the same bug-repelling benefits.

Mix in the Mint

Not only does mint leave your garden smelling fresh, it will also keep cabbage moths away. In addition to destroying your fresh cabbage, those moths will also devour your cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Just a couple of mint plants in your garden will keep the moths away throughout the growing season.

Catch on to Catnip

If you have cats, they'll appreciate some fresh catnip. Your garden will appreciate it too. Catnip is a natural way to keep flea beetles and other garden pests away from your plants. Plant catnip in each corner of your garden to protect all your plants.

Observe the Benefits of Onions

If you're like most people, you probably use a lot of onions in your recipes. Now you can also use your onions to keep pests off the rest of your plants. Bugs like carrot flies, Japanese beetles and aphids are deterred by the strong odor of onions. To increase the bug repelling benefits, spread your onion plants throughout your garden.

Make Merry with the Marigolds

Add a bit of color to your garden to get rid of bugs by planting some marigolds. Bugs like the tomato hornworm and the whitefly hate the smell of marigolds. The odor will also keep aphids and gnats out of your garden. For best results, add a row of marigolds in with each crop you're growing. For instance, if you're growing four rows of tomatoes, plant a row of marigolds between rows two and three.

You don't have to let bugs take over your garden. You also don't need to use pesticides. Get natural bug protection by adding some of the plants listed above to your yard. When you have bugs in your house, use an extermination service like Victoria Pest Control bed bugs treatment. When you have bugs in your garden, get rid of them the natural way.