5 Things You Need to Know about Pseudoscorpions

Posted on: 5 June 2015

Everyone has heard of scorpions, but you may not have heard of their lookalikes, pseudoscorpions. Here's what you need to know about these pests. 

Do they look like real scorpions?

Pseudoscorpions look very similar to real scorpions; the main difference is that pseudoscorpions don't have a tail and stinger. They still have the menacing looking pincers that scorpions are known for. However, it's hard to get a good look at these pests since they are incredibly tiny. The biggest pseudoscorpions only reach lengths of about 10 mm, and many of them are a fraction of that size. If you see these pests crawling around your house or garden, you may mistake them for baby scorpions. 

Do they live indoors?

Some types of pseudoscorpions prefer to live indoors.They can be found in damp areas of your house, like your laundry room, bathroom, or basement. Other types of pseudoscorpions like to live outdoors, and can be found beneath rotting leaves or logs, or in your well-watered garden.

Do they infest houses?

It's possible for pseudoscorpions to infest houses, but this is rare. For this to happen, your house would need to be very damp, for example, due to a recent flood or a burst pipe that wasn't cleaned up well. There also needs to be a large enough population of the mites and other tiny insects to feed the pseudoscorpions. If your house is very damp and full of tasty bugs, you may be at risk of a pseudoscorpion infestation.

Are they a problem?

Pseudoscorpions aren't dangerous to humans, so an infestation of these pests isn't harmful on its own. However, these tiny pests serve as prey for larger pests that are less harmless, like poisonous spiders and centipedes. If you have a lot of pseudoscorpions in your house, you need to worry about an infestation of the pests that feed on them. 

How do you get rid of them?

To get rid of pseudoscorpions, you need to control the moisture levels inside your home. Clean up spills, fix leaking pipes, and if humidity is a problem, use a dehumidifier. If your house recently flooded, remove and replace any waterlogged items or structures. Spray the pseudoscorpions with insecticides and consider having your entire home treated by a pest control company to get rid of both the pseudoscorpions and their prey items.

Pseudoscorpions aren't dangerous, but an infestation is still a concern. Pseudoscorpions can attract other pests like spiders, so deal with the infestation quickly before other pests move in. For assistance, talk to a pest control company like Edmonton Exterminators Ltd.