Going On Vacation This Winter? Avoid Bringing Home Bed Bugs Home From Your Hotel!

Posted on: 5 January 2016

If you're going on a trip this winter, bed bugs may be one of the last things on your mind. Unfortunately, these insects are a big problem in many parts of the world, and can be found in hotels all over the nation. Once your home has become infested, these tiny, itchy pests can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to exterminate. Knowing how to avoid getting bed bugs at your hotel can save you a lot of trouble and expense.

Pack Your Luggage Properly

The best way to protect your clothing from a bed bug infestation is to make it hard for the bed bugs to access your clothes. You can do this by packing all of your garments in sealed plastic baggies. Keeping your clothes encased in plastic will ensure that the bed bugs won't be able to reach your clothes while they're being stored in your room.

Alternatively, you can also make it difficult for bed bugs to reach your clothes by packing everything into a garbage bag and then packing the garbage bag in your luggage.

Check the Room for Signs of Bugs

When you check into your room at the hotel, check the room for signs of bed bugs. Take the sheets off the mattress and look in the spaces around the mattress, box springs and pillows. Bed bugs go into hiding during the day and only come out late at night, so you're unlikely to see the bugs themselves, However, you may see bed bug feces (tiny black spots) in the mattress and box springs. If you see signs of bed bugs, talk to a customer service representatives at the front desk of your hotel and ask to transfer to another room, as far away from your original room as possible.

Put Your Luggage in the Right Spot

Even if you don't see signs of bed bugs in your hotel room, it's a good idea to keep your luggage away from potential bed bug hiding places. The safest place to keep your luggage is in your bathroom, which is farther away from the bed and, therefore, unappealing to bed bugs.

Take Precautions When You Return

After you've gotten back from your trip, it's a good idea to wash all your clothes and dry them on a hot setting. This will kill any bed bugs that might have made the journey from your hotel back to your house. For more information about bed bugs and bed bug treatment, talk to a pest control company in your area.