Three Common Pests That May Target Your Home

Posted on: 24 May 2017

There are numerous pests that can target your home, and when this happens, it can lead to a number of difficulties and inconveniences. Unfortunately, there are homeowners that will frequently be extremely uninformed about the various pests that they could have to address. In order to help you with being an informed and prepared homeowner, you should take the time to learn more about a few of the more common pests.


Mosquitos can be a constant summertime problem. In addition to leaving painful and itchy bites, these insects can also spread diseases. Sadly, homeowners are often unaware of the fact that there are steps that they can take to help control the population of mosquitos on their land. This is particularly true for those that have small bodies of standing water on their property. Mosquitos will lay their eggs in puddles, pools, and lakes, which will make it important for you to treat any areas that regularly experience standing water. By treating these bodies of water, you will neutralize the mosquito eggs before they can hatch, which will greatly reduce the prevalence of these pests on your land.  


Rodents are among the more common animals that can target a home. The fleas that rodents carry can spread disease, and the droppings from the rodent can lead to unsanitary conditions. Additionally, rodents can be extremely damaging to insulation and wiring as they may attempt to use these materials when nesting. While regularly applying mouse repellent throughout your house can help to combat this issue, there are also steps that you should take for your yard. In particular, you will want to keep the grass cut and any bushes trimmed away from the ground. This will deprive these rodents of shelter, which can make them less willing to target your home. You may also apply synthetic wolf urine or other rodent repellents throughout the yard on a monthly basis to further reduce the number of rodents on your property.


Discovering that your home has ants can be a major nuisance. These insects can leave very painful pain, and they can be extremely difficult to thwart as they can fit through extremely small gaps and cracks. Preventing an ant problem will always be easier to address this issue, but homeowners will often make mistakes that can increase the chances their home develops an ant problem. For example, there are many people that may not clean their garbage cans on a regular basis or apply ant control problems on their lawn. As a result, it can be possible for these properties to experience severe ant problems both inside and outside the house.

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