Are Your Retired Parents Dealing With A Rat Problem? A Budget-Friendly Guide To Pest Control

Posted on: 10 October 2017

After retirement, many adults live on a fixed income that requires carefully budgeting for home maintenance tasks. Unfortunately, pest control problems can arise at anytime, and a rat infestation requires immediate action to stop them from reproducing in your loved one's home. Use these strategies to help your parents find a budget-friendly solution to their current rat problem.

Remove Attractants

When rats invade a house, they are looking for a safe place to build their nests along with easy sources of food and water. Help your parents to identify potential areas around the house that are attracting the rats. For instance, they may leave pet food and water out for their dog that rats gain access to in the evening. Put the food away after your parents' pets eat, and make sure that there are not other water sources available, such as plumbing leaks that rats may be using to stay hydrated. Then, check the pantry for open containers of food and crumbs that need to be cleaned up.

Avoid DIY Methods

At the first sign of a rat, your parents may be tempted to run to the store to buy poisons and traps. Unfortunately, these methods often do not work, and your parents can spend more money repurchasing pest control supplies. Instead, arrange to acquire dependable and affordable DIY pest control services from a professional, such as BUG Busters-Do IT Yourself Pest Control, that knows how to eliminate even large infestations without constant treatment. This option also allows your parents to avoid the potential health risks that come with potentially having to handle rats that harbor diseases. You can also work with the pest control technician to make sure that any treatments that are used in your parents' home are safe for those with sensitivities to certain chemicals.

Take Preventative Action

Once the main rat infestation is eliminated, you can help your parents to develop a prevention plan that stops the issue from recurring. Have your parents' home professionally inspected to identify potential entry points and attractants that you might have missed. Repair small holes on the exterior of your parents' home, and help them to develop a home maintenance plan that eliminates food and water sources.

A rat infestation places your family's health and safety at risk, but there is no need to break your parents' budget trying to eliminate a pest control problem. By understanding what draws rats to a home and identifying the correct treatment method, you can help your parents quickly eliminate rats so that they can enjoy a tranquil home once again.