Be Prepared For Termite Extermination

Posted on: 1 November 2017

Termite extermination involves using pesticides to kill the bugs. A professional exterminator will cover your home with a tarp and use chemicals to kill the pests inside. Fumigation of your home requires professional treatment, and it is definitely not something you want to try to DIY. Professionals are great at fumigation, but there are a few things you can do to help them do their job as efficiently as possible.

Make Plans for Yourself & Your Pets

When you are fumigating your home, you and your pets will need to leave the home, typically for several days. Make sure to pack everything you will need during this time frame because you will not be able to enter the home once the process has started.

Seal All Food and Medications

Food, medications, and anything else that you ingest should be wrapped in plastic, stored in glass or metal, or canned with an air-tight seal. Even items in refrigerators, freezers, and cabinets need to abide by this rule. If you happen to have foods around the house not stored, double-bag them with nylon polymer bags meant for fumigation.

Any consumable items in cardboard boxes or bags, even if unopened, must be bagged in nylon or removed from the home.

Remove Plants from the Home

All living items should be removed from the home during fumigation, including plants growing inside. You may be able to simply place them outside if it is possible. Just make sure that it is far away from where the exterminators will be working.

Try to Plan for Good Weather

Fumigation requires professionals to get on your roof in order to tarp the house. They are not going to do this if the weather is poor, and the hassle of rescheduling your appointment can be disappointing. Look ahead at the date of your appointment to ensure it will not be too rainy, windy, or stormy.

Wait for the Home to Be Cleared for Entry

Once the exterminator removes the tarp or tent from your home, the gas will begin to seep out. This process typically takes several hours. When the professionals determine that the house might be ready, they will use devices to look for traces of harmful gas. You and your family will receive the all-clear soon after this.

Fumigation is a highly effective technique for removing termites. Make sure to call a professional who can handle your home's needs easily.