When to Call a Pest Control Company

Posted on: 3 April 2018

Sometimes it will be obvious to you that you should have a pest control come out to your home. If you are seeing a lot of bugs or other pests in or around your home, then you know you should call someone out. However, sometimes those pests can go under the radar and stay hidden for a long time. While they are laying low, they will be growing in numbers. This means, by the time you finally start to see them, you can already have a full-blown infestation going on. This is why you should know what other signs to look for in order to catch a pest problem before it becomes a huge infestation.

Here are some signs you may notice around your home or property that should warrant a visit from a pest control company:

You notice specks of dirt along the walls and/or window sills 

One thing you need to be aware of is a lot of smaller pests, like cockroaches, will leave excrement around your house that can look like harmless specks of dirt. These specks will generally be located along the baseboards, in the window sills or even along the inside borders of your cabinets and drawers. If you clean up what you think are specks of dirt only to find that they return again soon after, then you should assume it is pest excrement and have your home treated by a pest control company.

You think you see movement when you turn the lights on 

Most pests prefer to come out when you have your lights off. This makes it harder for you to know there is an issue. When you turn on the lights, they can run and hide so fast you may not see them clearly. Therefore, if you think that you have been seeing things move as soon as you turn on your lights, you should call someone out to investigate and take care of any pest issues.

You find destroyed packages 

If you go to pull a food container out of the cupboard, or you move a box around in your home or garage only to find what looks like damage from something nibbling on them, then you are probably dealing with rodents. They will chew off pieces of cardboard or even plastic in order to take the material to their hiding spot to make a comfortable nest. So, if you are finding damaged containers, boxes, paper or other items like these, then you should have services like Mr. Bug Killer Inc come out to deal with the problem for you.