3 Tips To Eliminate Your Bed Bug Infestation

Posted on: 3 January 2019

Have you recently returned from a trip to find out that you have bed bugs? Are you horrified and trying to figure out what to do now? Contrary to popular belief, having bed bugs isn't a sign that your home is "unclean" or that you have poor hygiene skills. All it means is that you happened to be somewhere that bed bugs were already living and have accidentally brought some home in your luggage or on your clothes. Once you have bed bugs, it can sometimes be difficult to eradicate them as they are relatively hardy bugs. But they are not impossible to eliminate, and the following steps can help make that happen in a more timely fashion:

Call in professional assistance: One of your first instincts, when you discover that you have a bed bug infestation, is probably going to be to run to the store and buy whatever pest control products you can find. Unfortunately, bed bugs are immune to most products that you're able to purchase at grocery and hardware stores. Products that would kill off an ant or a roach infestation will barely faze the bed bugs that are in your home. Calling in professional bed bug removal services will grant you access to products that will actually work and the knowledge of where to apply them for maximum effect.

Wash all your clothes: Although the bed bug removal services can't spray your clothes, don't give up hope and throw out your entire wardrobe. While bed bugs are immune to most pesticides, two things that will certainly kill them are hot soapy water and a trip through the dryer. Although a hot dryer is all that is really necessary to kill off any bed bugs in your clothes, a trip through the washing machine can also be helpful in dislodging bed bugs that are hiding in deep seams. Once your clothes have been thoroughly heated for at least 30 minutes after being dry, immediately put them into airtight clothing bags to prevent reinfestation.

Disassemble furniture: Furniture is full of nooks and crannies where bed bugs can hide away from the products being used by the bed bug removal services. For some furniture, you may want to simply destroy it and throw it out due to the hassle, but other pieces of furniture can be neatly disassembled. Once taken apart, the exterminator will be able to treat the former hiding places with appropriate chemicals so that you can reassemble the pieces and not have to worry about them being bed bug nesting sites.