Got Honey Bees? Why Relocate Instead Of Extermination Or Leaving The Hive

Posted on: 12 March 2021

With spring well on the way, you are bound to see the natural world around your property come to life. From the insects to the birds and local wildlife, spring usually signifies a new time to emerge, renew, and reproduce. Therefore, as the temperatures warm and flowers begin to bloom, you will likely see the honey bees start to make their way out. You may even discover a full honeybee hive. With bees being such a valuable part of the natural world, calling a honeybee relocation specialist for help can be one of the best decisions. Here are a few reasons why that is the case. 

1. Leaving the hive can cause problems with swarming. 

While you may think that leaving a honeybee hive where it is would be for the best of the bees, this can actually pose problems down the road. Honeybees are social insects. As the season matures into summer, the hive can grow quite large, separate, be requeened, and, before you know it, you can have far more bees on your property than you are prepared to accept. It is far better to have a hive of bees relocated early before the number of honeybees multiplies. 

2. Hive extermination eliminates a critical wildlife component for the environment. 

If you are worried about having bees on your property due to allergies, children, or otherwise, you may be inclined to reach out to an exterminator. However, bees are such a vital part of the natural environment. As primary pollinators, honeybees are directly responsible for the flowering of many types of plants, including those that provide food for society. By eliminating the full hive of bees, you may even be reducing the localized ability for plants to produce their fruits or reproduce. 

3. Relocating a hive can encourage better bee populations. 

In many cases, residential areas simply do not offer a good environment for honeybees, even though this may be where they choose to create their nest. One reason why is that residential areas don't often have a diverse accumulation of flowering growth where worker bees can go out and collect pollen for the hive. Another reason is the fact that many homes and property owners use fertilizers, weed-killing agents, and other chemicals on or around their plants, which can be detrimental to a property. A bee relocation specialist will have natural areas to take the hive to that may offer a more nourishing and safe environment.