3 Common Signs of Pest Infestation You Can't Ignore

Posted on: 18 March 2021

Knowing you have a pest infestation problem in your home can be very frustrating. Nobody wants that in their house, but the chances are, you'll probably have to deal with pest problems later in life. Identifying the warning signs of the infestation quickly can save you a lot of time and money. It's an excellent way to prevent any unnecessary pest damage before it's too late. 

Fortunately, reputable residential pest control services are there to help you do this at a reasonable cost. Here are the three most common signs of an impending pest infestation in your home.

1. Insect and Rodent Droppings

Pests have a habit of leaving their droppings everywhere they go. And that's part of the reason why they are an unwanted guest in every home. Some sections in your house will likely be a better breeding ground for these pests, which is why you'll find most of the droppings there. Depending on the type and shape of droppings, it is possible to identify what pest is responsible. 

For instance, rodents leave round cylindrical droppings, usually without any odor. With insects, the droppings are much smaller, often accompanied by shed skin and wings. Spiders will also have webs, especially in the darker sections of your house. Be sure to keep an eye on such things and have your residential pest control expert take a look. 

2. Chewed Sections

One of the interesting things about rodents is that they have a need to keep their teeth sharp. To do this, they constantly chew on things like wire insulation and food packaging. The danger comes in with the chewed wires, that become a constant threat to your safety. They could end up causing electrical fires if left unattended. 

Contaminated food packages are another thing to watch out for. These rodents carry with them dangerous diseases and are a potential health hazard in a home.

Additionally, damaged wood is an indication that you may have a termite problem. These insects will slowly eat away at your house, causing irreparable damage in the long run. After you notice any sign of their presence, scheduling residential pest control treatment is your best option. 

3. Peculiar Smells 

Pest infestation brings with it some odd smells in your home. These pests often take away any food they can find, usually dropping some along the way. Ultimately, parts of your house start smelling like stale, rotten food. 

Also, some of these pests may have died inside your walls giving off a rather undesirable smell. In such a case, your residential pest control company could take care of this problem for you and get rid of any existing pests.