Have A Pest Control Company Visit Before You Move In

Posted on: 29 July 2021

When you buy a house and finally receive the keys, you probably can't wait to move in and make the space feel like your own. But before you start carrying in those boxes, sofas, and beds, there's someone you need to call: a pest control company. Here are the key reasons why you should always have a pest control company come examine and treat a new home before move-in.

They can identify and remove pests before those pests contaminate your things.

If you were to move in and then find out you have, for instance, cockroaches, then those cockroaches would travel all over your items before you had a chance to eliminate them. Roaches and most other pets can carry various diseases, so if you can avoid having them walk over your sofa and dishes, that's preferable. When you have a pest control company come visit the house when it's empty, they'll look for any signs of a pest problem. If they do find any pests, they can treat for those pests and make sure they're long gone before you move your things in, which means your things will remain clean and non-contaminated.

They can more easily identify places where pests may enter.

A big part of a pest control worker's job is to find places where future pests could enter a home, and then work with you to seal off those areas and keep pests out. This is easier for pest control workers to do when a home is empty. They won't have to move furniture to see around a window or baseboard. They won't have to worry about stored boxes in the basement hiding a crack that could let bugs in. When a pest control company looks over an empty home, you know they have the best chance of finding and addressing any problem areas.

They can apply preventative treatments more thoroughly.

Preventative treatments are really big in modern pest control. A barrier of insecticides around the home can keep roaches from coming in. A few carefully placed mouse traps can ensure any "scouts" are caught before they invite a hundred of their closest friends to move in. It's simply easier for a pest control company to apply these preventative treatments when your things are not in the way.

Before you move in, have a pest control company come give the place a once-over. This will be a few hours well spent.