Tips For Dealing With A Mosquito Problem On Your Property

Posted on: 17 May 2022

Mosquitoes are a pest that nobody wants to deal with around their yard because it is going to leave you and your guests with plenty of itchy bites after you spend some time outdoors. That's why many people turn to pest control solutions to get rid of mosquitoes. Here are some tips for applying insecticides to control those mosquitoes.

Spray On A Day Without Wind

It is best to spray an insecticide on a day where there is not going to be any wind. The problem with wind is that insecticide is going to blow back at you, which you definitely do not want to breathe in. No wind will also make it easier for the insecticide to stick to surfaces.

Apply To The Underside Of Leaves

One place that is helpful to spray the insecticide is the underside of leaves. Don't worry about harming your trees either, because the insecticide is going to be safe for them. You can spray it high up into trees to get the underside of those leaves where mosquitoes tend to collect. It will also help prevent the insecticide from getting wet or drying up under the rain and sun.

Avoid Spraying On Pollinating Flowers

Be aware that bees can be harmed if you spray an insecticide on pollinating flowers, which is not good for the environment or your plants. You should avoid spraying an insecticide on pollinating flowers because of this to keep the bees safe.

Spray Big Bushes

A place where a lot of mosquitoes tend to hide is big bushes. There are a lot of damp and shaded places in bushes where the wind cannot get to mosquitoes, which is why they tend to hand out in them a lot of the time.

Ask Your Neighbors For Permission

If you are taking the steps to treat your yard for mosquitoes, it is worth asking your neighbors for permission to spray down their yard as well. If you only treat the mosquitoes on your property, you'll still be impacted by those neighboring properties where you were not able to get to. Ask if it is okay to spray down the main hiding places for mosquitoes on their property as well, especially if it borders your property.

Having trouble getting rid of the mosquitoes on your own? Reach out to a pest control company in your area for help or for more information.