A Termite Control Professional May Tent And Fog Your Home To Eradicate A Termite Infestation

Posted on: 19 October 2022

There are a few methods of termite control your exterminator might consider when you have termite activity in your home. They might try bait or liquid termiticide. However, when you have a bad infestation of termites, or the termites are in an inaccessible area, your pest control professional may recommend tenting. Tenting is a long-standing and effective method for killing termites. Here's what you should know about termite control with tenting.

The Tent Encloses Your Home To Trap Termite Fog

Your termite control professional has to place a tarp over your house before fogging begins. The tarp has to cover your entire house including the roof and siding, so you might need to trim back tree branches or make other modifications if something is blocking the placement of the tent.

The purpose of the tent is to contain a fog that kills the termites. Holding the fog inside the house allows it to waft around your entire home and seep inside cracks and holes to get behind walls, up in your attic, and in each room. The termite control professional uses instruments that measure the fog concentration in your house so it gets to the right level. They also measure for the fog along the outside of your house to make sure none escapes.

The Treatment Could Take A Few Days

The fog treatment is applied to your house for a couple of days, and maybe a little longer if you have a bad infestation. Once the treatment is finished, your home has to air out to get rid of the fog. After several hours of airing out the house, the termite exterminator goes through each room of your house and tests the level of termiticide fog to make sure it is all gone.

As soon as the fog is gone, you can go back inside your home. You don't have to worry about residue left on your belongings because the fog doesn't leave any behind. However, you have to leave during the treatment, and you might need to be gone for a few days. All pets, including fish and pocket pets, have to be removed while fogging your home too.

Fogging Kills Termites But Doesn't Prevent Infestations

Fogging is very effective at killing termites wherever they are in your home. The fog also kills most other insects too. However, it won't do anything to stop another infestation, so you may want your termite control professional to set up monitoring stations in your yard so termites can be detected and dealt with before they get back inside your home. 

For more information about termite treatments, contact a local company.