Do You Suspect A Cockroach Infestation In Your Residence? Here's Where They're Likely Hiding

Posted on: 29 November 2022

Cockroaches are some of the more common pests you may come across in your residence. These insects can even invade clean homes in search of food and shelter. Notably, the critters are nocturnal, so if you spot them scuttling in your house during the day, it indicates a serious infestation that necessitates the intervention of a roach exterminator. These pests can be found in the following areas:


Roaches like to stay out of sight, e.g., in the kitchen and other household appliances, because the devices provide the warmth, moisture, and hidden quality they need to thrive. Moreover, the appliances are usually close to food or water sources. As such, you can find roaches behind or under your coffee maker, refrigerator, water heater, etc.

The Ceiling

Your ceiling can also be an excellent area for roaches, especially if it has holes and cracks. These insects are likely to target the ceiling in rooms you don't frequently use, and you might spot some of them scampering to hide if you suddenly switch on the lights. It signifies that your home is experiencing a massive roach invasion. Fortunately, you can hire pest control experts to exterminate these bugs immediately.

Electronics and Decor

Seeing a cockroach coming out of an old computer or television may not necessarily be surprising because the electronics provide much-sought warmth. The pests can remain inside electronics and only come out to feed at night. Furthermore, these critters can hide in decor items such as picture frames and mirrors. They can also camp out in traditional appliances, such as clocks, and lay their eggs. So, if you spot even one roach while dusting your electronics and decor, you could be experiencing a major infestation.

Storage Spaces

Cockroaches can take refuge in storage spaces like cabinets, cupboards, and closets. Even worse, they lay eggs in these areas and will quickly grow in number. The cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom can also be attractive hiding locations because they are typically secluded and warm. This means that if you store food items in these cabinets, the insects can contaminate them. Therefore, you need to engage a professional to perform an inspection and implement a strategy to get rid of the insects and their eggs.

Roaches are resilient insects that crawl in filth, enter your home, and contaminate your food. Because they are small, they can squeeze through even your home's teeniest cracks and crevices and then proceed to hide, feed, and breed, resulting in an escalated infestation. Thus, you need a pest control expert's intervention to exterminate these pesky critters from your residence.

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