Why Pests Find Some Homes More Attractive

Posted on: 16 February 2023

Pest control is something that homeowners should be proactive about. Unfortunately, it's more common for homeowners to wait until pests become visible in their homes before trying to do something about it. But at this point, removing the pest infestation will be much harder.

Pest Sprays Aren't Effective Enough

Once you discover a pest, such as an ant or a silverfish, you might reach for the nearest can of pesticide. But this is only a temporary fix. The few pests you spot in your home indicate a much larger problem underneath the surface.

Prevention Is Easier Than Using Insecticides

Preventing a pest infestation from taking over is cheaper than using pesticides or other methods to kill pests. For example, pests will need a way to enter your home. Closing off any openings will keep them outside, and this approach will continue to work without requiring follow-up applications. Closing up openings in your home will also help with your energy bills.

Seal Any Entryways

Common areas where pests can enter your home include:

  • Seals
  • Doors
  • Window screens

A professional can inspect all of these areas to make sure that there are no openings. Even with a small opening, pests can surprisingly squeeze through small openings because of how they are able to compress their bodies.

Make Your Home Less Attractive

There are several reasons why pests might be attracted to your home. If your home has a lot of vegetation, you have created a lot of hiding spots for pests that might later decide to invade your home.

Pests also invade a home because they have easy access to food and water. If your home has leaky faucets or pipes, the added moisture might encourage pests to take up residence. Some pests in particular are attracted to damp and humid homes, such as cockroaches.

Eliminate Food Sources

By identifying the type of species that is in your home, you'll also be able to determine what types of foods are attracting the pests. For example, some ants are more attracted to greasy food and others are more attracted to sweet food.

For most species of pest, you must find the source of the infestation. To eliminate an ant infestation, you must target the ant colony and kill the queen. For this reason, a bait pesticide is more effective than simply spraying the ants with an insecticide because it will target the ants more permanently. A pest control service will identify the pests that have invaded your home and will help you determine an effective treatment strategy.