How To Make Sure You Get The Most From Your Pest Control Service

Posted on: 20 July 2023

Depending on the types of pests invading your home, the fight to get rid of them can be a long one. Diligence and consistency are good tools against pests, and when you spend money for professional services, you'll want to know how to make the best use of every dollar. Here's what to do.

Prepare for the First Visit

Preparing your home can differ depending on what kind of pest you're dealing with, as well as how much you've already spoken to your specialist. For example, if you're dealing with fleas or bed bugs, you can take preventative steps to isolate the infestation as best as possible. While it might be tempting to clean and repair your house for inspection day, it doesn't hurt to leave it alone. This way your specialist can see your home how it is on a regular basis, which can give them a better idea as to what the problem might stem from. This is especially helpful if you don't know exactly what you're dealing with or how your home invaders are getting in.

That said, if you've already spoken to your specialist and they've given you specific instructions, it's best to follow those as best you can. 

Monitor the Situation During and Post-Treatment

Many treatments are done over time, such as in the case of perimeter treatments, poisons, and traps. Your specialist will return from time to time to check on things, but in the meantime you can help by taking notes on any changes you notice. For example, if you've been hearing strange noises in the walls or attic, but those noises seem to have completely abated, that's helpful for your specialist to know.

Remember, your specialist can always check the results of traps and poisons, but you as the homeowner will know best from your day-to-day experiences how effective the treatments are. Diligent notes, and even photo evidence, can help tell your specialist whether things are working or whether they should try a new method.

Ask What You Can Do Yourself

Fighting pests can be done in many ways, and when professional treatment is over it can help if you understand exactly what you need to do to help prevent the problem from recurring or getting worse again. Ask your specialist what caused the problem and how it was fixed. For example, you might be told that keeping your garbage bins farther from your home will make your home less tempting for creatures digging in your trash. You might be instructed to keep certain areas warmer and dryer, or that you need to stay on top of keeping holes in your walls or foundation patched and weather sealed. Your specialist might also make recommendations on pesticides you can safely use, and which ones to avoid, such as broad-spectrum pesticides.

If you aren't sure this will be covered, make sure to ask about everything you can do. This will make your current treatment more effective by making it last longer.

For more information on pest control, contact a pest control company.